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Training Tip: A puppy needs to go outside to go to the bathroom every time he wakes up, gets done playing, and is done eating.

Fact: These items are poisonous to dogs: Onions, Onion Powder, Sugarless Gum, Grapes, Raisins, Sugarless Peanut Butter, and Chocolate.

Awards: These dogs finished their Championship
Dreamer Set'r Ridge's Dare To Dream
Brantley Set'r Ridge's Allegiance
Kensley Set'r Ridge's Aspiration
Spirit Stagedoor Set'r Ridge's Walk In The Word JH
Seali Bull Mtn Set'r Ridge's Sealed With A Kiss
Carrie Set'r Ridge's How Great Thou Art
Mattie Set'r Ridge's Stormy Romance of Wind Dancer
Guin Set'r Ridge's Authurian Romance

Wins: Major wins
Georgia BIS GCHS Set'r Ridge's Legend of Sleepy Hollow Multiple Group wins
Robby Wind Dancer Westwind Specialty BOB
Patton Set'r Ridge's Officer And A Gentleman PSESC 5 Pt Major
Carmen Set'r Ridge's Passion PSESC 5 Pt Major
Bryn Set'r Ridge's Exellence
Seger Creekscrossing Against The Wind 3 Specialty Sweepstakes
Bobbi Creekscrossing Blue Velvet
Stormy Set'r Ridge's Dream Keeper
Scarlett Set'r Ridge's Gone With The Wind
River Set'r Ridge's Enticement PSESC 5 Pt Major

If your Setter Ridge dog isn't listed, send me the info and I will get it posted.

If you are interested in improving your dogs health, hair and or have questions please send them to setterridge@englishsetter.com

If you would like to feel better, have more energy, less pain, sleep through the night send me a text 360-661-1142 or give me a call.
Looking forward to hearing from you, Melissa

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