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Growing Hair: Message me about how to gain new hair. Are you feeling Tired, Stressed, Worn Out or out of Shape, Message me. I would love to help you. www.wrap4life.myitworks.com

Three easy steps to help change your life. Start with Greens on the Go, a powder that has 8 servings of Fruits and Vegetables and 38 Super foods. For just over a dollar a day you can get this kind of all Natural Nutrition with no GMO’s. They Alkalize and Detox your body and help with cravings as well as give you energy.

Or maybe you need a little extra money to make it through each month. Ask me how.

Message me you will be glad that you did. Melissa at setterridge@englishsetter.com or call me 360-661-1142.

Ask me about getting your dog to better health. Food, Nutrition, Conditioning, Exercise, training etc.

If you could change your life in three months, would you do it?

Oh My Gosh, if you could choose to do anything you wanted what would you do? Have you ever dared to dream that you could do that? Maybe you have a great job, but you aren’t able to go to all of your kids events or you work long hours. Or you can’t get away to go on vacation because no one is reliable enough to do what you do and take your place while you are gone.

I personally witnessed the dramatic changes in a persons thighs reducing the cellulite to smooth skin from the Ultimate Body Wrap. I was amazed as I didn’t think that it was possible to get rid of cellulite with out surgery, or extreme measures.

Who do you know that would like to lose a little role somewhere on their body? Men and Women love the body wrap equally. Who doesn’t want to look a little better and feel a little better about themselves. The Ultimate Body wrap is easy to use and only takes one minute to apply. You wear it for 45 minutes and start to see and feel results right away. Sounds too good, it is. That is why the company is called It Works.

If you doubt, try it. When you try it you will want to use them or join my team. The possibilities are endless as this is a first to market product in the US and we are now in 19 countries as well.

Do you want to stay at home with your family, be able to sleep in and have coffee. Share an amazing product with your friends and family and have fun while your doing it? This could completely change your life. Are you willing to try and take a chance? Or are you fixed in your life and don’t have any dreams beyond where you are?

What is your dream? How long will it take you to get there with what you are doing now and what will you miss out on along the way. Or would you like to join me and be able to make any amount of money and reach your dreams.

It is a simple business. You wrap people and they sign up to be customers or they join your team. It is that easy.

Hope you will consider changing your life forever, Very excited to visit with you and answer your questions,


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