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We have ten seven week old puppies now out of Preston and Tiffany.

I named the little male that had trouble nursing with his big sisters in the way Chiweenie as he looked like one when he was born. However he has been spoiled rotten and now is a beautiful big setter check out his photos on our site. The duckling turned into a swan. He needs a wonderful loving home.

Congratulations to all of you that have Shown, Hunted, Field Trialed, done Obedience, Agility, Tracking, Rally, Lure Coursing ,hugged and loved, and done Therapy work with one of our dogs. You are all special and I appreciate you.

Terry and Elite and your amazing Obedience scores and Hunt Test titles and field placements, and Rose for your work in the Obedience ring. So much time and dedication. Donna with Sonnet.

Congratulations to all of the specialty winners, breed winners and group winners as well. Including Swayze with Rindi, Janet and Preston. Adonis with Kelly, Deb, Pam and Larry.

Darby was the first English Setter to get a Lure Coursing Title, congrats Julie and Kathy that was pretty fun.

If you want a list of your dogs wins and its photos on our web site, send me a list and the bio and photos together and I will post them. If I missed them send them again.

I have been using some vegetables, fruits and herbs on the setters. Really remarkable. I think sometimes we feed our dogs so much protein that we forget some of the other important ingredients.

I came across this product as it was made by a company that I was using their Body Wraps. It is called greens or greens on the go. It has eight servings of fruits and vegetables and over thirty herbs in a powder that you can get in a can or in packets and carry with you. I get the packets and I take one or two a day myself. They give me an amazing amount of energy all day, help build my immune system, I havenít even had a cold in a year, and they detoxify and alkalize your body. Then I started thinking about how they could benefit the dogs. So I asked several vets and they all said that they ingredients looked great to use on the dogs too. My dogs have really benefited from them. I picked out a couple of dogs that were not as good of eaters to try them on and they are looking great and their coats, weight and stools are better.

You can purchase them on my web site, just click on shop and then supplements, you can get a 45% discount if you sign up as a loyal customer. They are really inexpensive too. https://wrap4life.myitworks.com/Home

More Exciting things to come for your health go to http://bodywrapparties.com/MN10923

We are going to do several events this summer. If you would like to participate in a grooming/ Hunting/ or behavior training event with your setter email me. Last year we did a grooming event in Seattle, a Hunting Event on Whidbey Island, and a Meet the Breed Booth in Seattle.

If you are interested in an older dog or a puppy send me an email.

Melissa Newman setterridge@englishsetter.com
(360) 661-1142

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