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2007 National Specialty


2007 English Setter Association of America National Specialty

High In Trial at the 2007 National Conner, Setír Ridgeís Black Gold (Hadji x Teakoa). Conner won HIT with a score of 197 from the Novice B class. This finished his Companion Dog Title with three straight passes with scores of 197 Ĺ , 196 and a 197, to earn him a Dog World Award, which you can only achieve with three straight passes and scores above a 195 out of 200. He is an incredible dog to watch. His healing is so correct and he is beautiful too.
Also at the 2007 National Cody, Ch Setír Ridgeís Northern Lights CDX finished his Companion Dog Excellent title with a 194 Ĺ out of 200. Jordan, Ch Setír Ridgeís Deep Impact UD JH received a score of 190 in the Utility Dog Obedience class.
The next day at the supporting Specialty, Conner won High In Trial again with a score of 197 Ĺ out of 200. Cody received a score in Open of 196 and Jordan won a High Combined Score with a 195 in Open and a 191 in Utility. This is very difficult to do as he canít make a major error in any exercise in two different classes. Jordan also won High scoring Champion of record with a score of 198 and first place from the Veterans Obedience class. These three dogs are expertly trained, handled, owned and loved by Rose Miller, they are co-owned and bred by Melissa D Newman.
Sahara wins an Award of Merit at both the 2007 National Specialty. An amazing feat after almost losing her in July. She had what we think was a foxtail up her vulva that caused severe bleeding and two hematomaís and an abscess. Seven vets, two specialists, five ultra sounds, two transervical scopes, four xrays and an MRI,not one vet new what to do. She was scheduled for surgery at 5:00PM, to have her pelvis split open to see what was happening that was causing the abscess and bleeding. We put her on a prayer chain and people all around the world were praying for her. At 3:00 PM an MRI was performed and she had been miraculously healed. The abscess was gone,the two hematomas were gone. The infected fluid was gone, her bladder was back to the normal spot, it was pushed all of the way up to her rib cage, due to fluid in the vulva. She was completely and miraculously healed. Sahara jumps back and forth between Field Trialing and an occasional dog show. Sahara won two placements at the Weimaraner trial just a few weeks before competing at the National.


Raine and Sonnett had a wonderful year. Raine (UACH Set'r Ridge Mirror Image CDX, RE, OA, OAJ, NF, NAP, ) earned his UKC Agility Champion Title in September and followed it with his AKC agility titles in Novice FAST and Novice Agility Preferred- which he earned with a qualifying run at the Nationals! Sonnett (UAG1 Set'r Ridge's Poems and Prayers RN) earned her UKC AG1 title at her first weekend of trialing at 16 months old and followed this with a qualifying run in Novice agility preferred at the Nationals. She completed the year by earning her Rally Novice title with 3 scores of 99 out of 100! Donna Richardson VA
UACH Set'r Ridge Mirror Image CDX, RE, OA, OAJ, NF, NAP (Raine)
UAG1 Set'r Ridge's Poems and Prayers RN (Sonnett)

I would like to post all of the other wins and stats on our dogs that we bred, or were sired by one of our dogs. If everyone would send me the stats on their dog for this year within a week , that would be great. My computer crashed and I lost what I had.

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