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Sahara's Master Run.


Sahara started Saharaís Master Run:

Sahara started this spring with two Master passes June 3rd and 4th. The next weekend she went to an all breed show and won the breed. I totally shaved her coat off for the National Field trial last November, as the ground cover was full of fox tails and brush. Good thing her coat grows fast. This weekend back to the field for more chances at her Master title. Sahara didnít run in Junior or Senior Hunter, consequently AKC requires that you get six Master passes instead of five. So going into this weekend Sahara had to pass all four Master tests to get her six passes for her MH title.
Almost every judge that she ran under was a shorthair or wirehair field trial breeder/judge. The tests that she ran in this weekend were hosted by the shorthair club and the Brittany clubs. There were two sets of grounds, so Sahara had to compete at one test in the morning and then drive to the next grounds to compete in the second test about four hours later.
She had many many difficult situations, including several doubles, meaning there were two birds in one spot. Once a shorthair broke off of his honor and went racing by her chasing one of the two chukkar. Once a visla took forever to honor and Sahara had to patiently wait. Once the visla stole Saharaís point and then the gunner missed the bird all together. Sahara had to honor several dogs that were standing in grass and scotch broom that was three to four feet tall. All of her honors were really nice. You canít say anything when you dog goes up to honor and she stopped solidly behind every dog of many breeds.
In one of Saharaís tests, the gunner missed three birds. And then their was the one where Sahara was retrieving her bird, bird in her mouth and a big male shorthair came running up and stole the bird right out of Saharaís mouth.
I was really proud of Sahara for handling so many difficult situations. I only recently trained her to retrieve and she has been retrieving beautifully to hand. She has been so much fun and she carries so many of Hadjiís character traits, that she had touched my heart deeply. Paul always tells her, ďSahara, Youíre a dogĒ, in fun jest. I think he wants to remind me that she is a dog.
To view some of Saharaís photos on point, go to www.endglishsetter.com click on hunting dogs and then Sahara.
Thanks to all of you for your support. Sahara has half of her Field Championship points and will continue in All Breed Field trials in August. She won two seconds in April that would have almost finished her FC. Darn it. You have to get first over all of the Field Champions.

Sahara ďCh Setír Ridgeís Everlasting MH Therapy DogĒ Sahara is a double Hadji ďDual Ch Setír Ridgeís Solid Gold CGC CDX MH granddaughter. She has won six group Iís between field trials, hunt tests, and having a litter last year. Of which her son Ch Setír Ridge Tartanís Power Point JH has already finished his Championship and JH. Sahara also won a Bred By Group I at Eukanuba, BOS at Westminster and BOS and an Award of Merit at ESAA National Specialties.

Thanks again for your support, Melissa
Sahara ďCh Setír Ridgeís Everlasting MH

We have some beautiful puppies right now. Whether you are looking for a great show dog, a pet or a hunting dog. We have a few older dogs available as well.
Thank you to all of the people that have sent in your wins(Show, Field, Rally, Agility, Obedience, Therapy work etc.) If you win isnít listed, please re email it to me. I canít remember all of the posts if you just give it to me on the phone, as sometimes it is days or hours until I get to a computer to write it down. Please send your wins with you dogs registered name, sire and dam, owner and win.

Oliver- Ch Set'r Ridge's Finest Piece (Emanuel X True)( Ch Set'r Ridge's Gold In Platinum X Set'r Ridge's The Gospel Truth)- He finished his championship with back to back specialty wins Inland Empire specialty. Owner: Pamela J Kidd.

Dior- Ch Pemberley Legends Kissed By Design (Canaan Ch Set'r Ridge's Select Gold X Taylor Ch Legend's Waitng to Exhale) He has been doing a lot of winning lately. He is now ranked and recently won BOB at the Florida specialty. He is owned by Preston and Janet Gray and bred by Cathy Brewer and Janet Gray.

Madison- Legends Madison Avenue (Emanuel Ch Set'r Ridge's Gold In Platinum X Ch Legend's Lucille McGuillicuddy). She won a four point major at The Rose city Cluster. She is owned and bred by Cathy Brewer.

Simeon- Ch Set'r Ridge's Son of A Gold Legend ( Hadji;DC Set'r Ridge's Solid Gold X Teakoa;Ch Set'r Ridge's Photo Copy) He finished in January with his fifth major total 19 points! Owned by: Melissa Newman.

Koda- Ch Set'r Ridge's Gold Legacy (Hadji; DC Set'r Ridge's Solid Gold X Teakoa;Ch Set'r Ridge's Photo Copy)He finished in no time in January with three majors and a group IV. He is owned by Melissa Newman and shown by Billy Ellis.

Jalen- Set'r Ridge's Gold Reign.(Hadji; DC Set'r Ridge's Solid Gold X Teakoa;Ch Set'r Ridge's Photo Copy) Jalen has points with both majors and a breed win. He is owned by Melissa Newman.

True- Set'r Ridge's the Gospel Truth. (Elijah;Ch Set'r Ridge's Honored ProphetX Ch Set'r Ridge's Full Stride). True picked up two four point majors in January and now has 13 points. Owned by: Melissa Newman.

Latifa- Set'r Ridge's Special Delivery (Set'r Ridge's Winning Colors X Ch Set'r Ridge's Special Affects). She won a five point major at a California specialty. She is owned by Kathy Rodriguez and Melissa Newman.

Cody- BISS BIS Ch Set'r Ridge's Amazing Grace (Emanuel; Ch Set'r Ridge's Gold In Platinum X Dani Ch Set'r Ridge's Animation). He won BOB two days at the specialty and the supported entry. He is owned by Paula Harris.

Shem- Set'r Ridge's Showboat (Fitz;Ch Set'r Ridge's Pemberley Gold X Natanya; Set'r Ridge's Alluring). He won a major shown by Brenda Cassel. Owned by Melissa Newman.

Darla- Gold Rush Dance Hall Darling (Emmaneul; Ch Set'r Ridge's Gold In Platinum X Ch GoldRush Midnight Jewel) Darla won RWB at a specialty and BIS Sweeps,
She won Best in Sweeps the first day in Ariz. And BOW the second. She is owned by Dianna Michaelson.

Talia- Ch Set'r Ridge's Intensity (Canaan; Ch Set'r Ridge's Select Gold X EVE; Ch Fieldplay's bayside Winners Eve) She won a BOB at the Cow Palace Bench show. She is owned and shown by Rachel Barnes.

Temen- Set'r Ridge's Intensly Intarsia (Ben;Ch Brasswind's Hot Topic X Talia; Ch Set'r Ridge's Intensity) He won Bow for a couple of points from the puppy classes. He is owned by Rachel Barnes, Deborah Bean, and Catherine Debram. He was bred by Melissa Newman and Rachel Barnes.

Loretta- Ch Creekscrossing Country Girl(Canaan; Ch Set'r Ridge's Select Gold X Ch Set'r Ridge's Preacher's Daughter) She won a four point major at the Portland shows in January to finish! She is owned by Mary Ann Potts and Nancy Alexander and bred by Nancy and Skip Alexander and Rhonda Brookshire.

Autumn- Ch Set'r Ridge's Autumn Skye (Preacher; Ch Set'r Ridge's Messenger X Ritsy; Ch Set'r Ridge Canterfield Look'r) She won BOB in Portland. She is owned by Dale Bennett and Summer Carmona.

Cody- Ch Set'r Ridge's Northern Lights (Joshua X Prism; Ch Set'r Ridge White Light) Won first place in Rally obed. Owned by Rose Miller Bred by Melissa Newman and Jenny Wright.

Hanna- Setír Ridge A Deeper Faith (Zion x Maggy) finished her Championship. Lincoln & Christy Lloyd

Rory Ė Stagedoorís Royal Flush (Joshua x Cherry) first points. Louise Day

Indy- Can Ch U-Ch. Setír Ridge Goldeneye Am Can CD, RA (Hadji x Carmen)Today at the Toledo show Indy got his third leg to finish his rally advance (RA) title. Sheila Kenworthy

Jonina- Setír Ridgeís All Royalty (Emanuel x Orca)
Fabio presented Jonina in free class to International show in San Marino Republic (27/05) and to Mediterranean Winner In San Marino, too (28/05).
International show: CAC - CACIB
Mediterranean Winner: CAC - CACIB RESERVE So, with these results, she's been proclaimed San Marino Republic champion. All Royalty Jonina won International shows in Reggio Emilia, Modena, Padova, Pistoia, Ancona, Genova and National shows in Forlž and Massa Carrara (always 1į excellent and wonderful judjments) obtaining 36 points; She's been proclaimed ENCI young promise.
FABIO FRALASSI Grosseto - Italy

Zakara- Setír Ridgeís Sahara Gold (Fitz x Sahara) Won Best in Sweeps at the GCESF Specialty. Then won winners bitch for her first 2 points at the Rogue shows. Nancy and Skip Alexander.

Caleb - Setír Ridgeís Show off (Canaan x True) He won again BIG at the most important CACIB Dog Show in Russia "Eurasia" (end of Feb.). IT was held in two days. He was BIG-1 of the both days and reserve BIS winner of the first day. Anastasiya Russia

Jada- Can Ch Sevenoaks Setír Ridge Noelís Jada (Canaan x Mo Jo) Won 2 Group IVís, 2 IIIís, 2 IIĒs, and one Group I. Shown and bred by Hilary Oakes, owned by Jim Stone, Jackie Noel, and Melissa D Newman.

Trigue- Setír Ridge Bayside Intrigue (Canaan x Remi) Best In Show in Japan Hiro Toyoda handler Hiroshi.

Mia- Setír Ridgeís Intense One (Ben x Talia) won Winners bitch, Best of Winners, Best Bred By and Best of Opposite at the Specialty in Calif last month for a five point major. She now has eight points. Hiro Toyoda.

Tarsha- (Ch Sagapore Foreign Xchange IID) (Canaan x won Runner up BIS at the english setter specialty on the weekend.

Tucker- Ch Setír Ridgeís Ivy League (Joshua x Nadia) has won multiple Best of Breeds. Jenny Wright , Felita Carr.

Dustin Ė Setír Ridgeís Photo Finish (Zion x Teakoa) has won multiple points and majors. Suzanne Togannazzi handler Tracy Czarnecki, Rachel Barnes.

Samson- Setír Ridgeís Coat Of Strength (Zion x Desi) won a 3pt major to finish his Championship. Larry Sikes.

Aemon Am Aust Ch Chebaco Bridgewood Guard (Apostle x Chebaco) Won Group 1st at the Sydney Royal show. Since this show he has many more wins including Best in Show. Darren Bowey Australia

Domino (Setr Ridge's Double Expresso) (Joshua x Nadia) received her 2nd major today in Las Vegas so she's now finished. Paula Harris

Cody (Setír Ridgeís Amazing Grace (Emanuel x Dani) Group I and a Group III. Paula Harris

Annie (Ch Sevenoaks Autumn Gold) (Canaan x Ria) Won her SECOND group FIRST this weekend. Nancy Tuthill. Handled By Candy Carswell

Cruz- Setír Ridge The Skyís The Limit (Emanuel x Tango) Won Best puppy and Best of Opposite in Sweeps at the Brandywine Specialty.

Bill Gates- Ch Setír Ridge Tartan Power Point JH (Fitz x Sahara) Bill Gates finished his show Championship with three majors all owner handled from the 9 to 12 puppy class. He also finished his Junior Hunter title. He is out of Saharaís first litter and he is her first Champion get and first hunting titled get. Ray Lynn Snowden

Blue Boy completed his Mexican championship and two Group3 under american judges, one of them a VP of the AKC.He also got 10 of 25 points for his Latin America championship. Ivonne Branson.

Chloe- Setír Ridgeís Keepsake Chloe (Ben x Prism) won the breed from the puppy class at the Penninsula DF show. Joyce and Jim Kercherís Prism Ben

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If you have wins that you would like posted on any dog that we bred or is sired by one of our stud dogs, please email them to: setterridge@englishsetter.com. If your wins didnít get posted, please re-email them with full details registered names and owners.

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