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2005 Newsletter


Here is the list of dogs that have won in that later part of 2005.

Raine- Set'r Ridge's Mirror Image CD OA OAJ RN ( Shoebe X Josie): Raine has made many accomplishments in performance. He has earned a CD, NA, NAJ RN, OA, and an OAJ. Raine has 1 leg of U-CD , 24 points towards his U-ACH, one leg toward AXJ, and 2 legs twoard his CDX. In August Raine got 2nd out of an entry of 65 to earn his RN. Raine is owned and loved by: Donna Richardson

Piper- Ch Set'r Ridge's Irrestistable(Canaan X Dasara): She finished her championship going BOW! Owned by: Wendy Ableman, Anne Pickrell, and Rachel Ableman.

Tristan- Ch Set'r Ridge's Chivarly (Canaan X Desi): Tristan earned his first pass on a JH. He is owned by: Sharon Samuelson and David Wentworth.

Blue- Set'r Ridge's Carolina Blue (Emanuel X True): Blue won both majors and has a total of 11 points. Owned by Lori Bee

Ellie- Ch Set'r Ridge's Unforgetable CDX (Zion X Blueprints Northern Lights): Ellie earned her CDX and is now concentrating on getting a UD. She is owned by Rhonda Dillman.

Annie-Ch Set'r Ridge Stormwynd Starlyte (Canaan X Remi): Annie completed her championship. Owned By: Allison Milne VMD.

Shem- Set'r Ridge's Show Boat (Fitz X Set'r Ridge's Alluring): He picked up his first point. Owned by Nancy Alexander and Melissa Newman.

Keelin- Ch Stylecast Mystical Spirit (Canaan X Stylcast Mystical Legend): She finshed her cahmpionship. Owned and Bred by: Susan L Lee.

Jonah- Ch Set'r Ridge's Second Coming (Canaan X Desi): Jona finished his JKC Championship with 4 majors! Owned by Sumiko Ikeda.

Sage- Ch Set'r Ridge's Cannongate Last Dance (Joshua X Nadia): She finshed her Championship. Owners: Mary Ciszek, Melissa Newman, and Ervin M Ciszek.

Tarsha- Aust Ch Sagapore Foreign XChange lld (Canaan X Jayna): She finished her Austrailian Championship and won a BIS. She is owned by: Anthea McFarland.

Stretch- Ch Arabesque Stretch For A Rose ( Emanuel X Ch Briarstone's Life is a Cabernet): He finished his Championship. Bred by Stan Holloway and Jill Warren and Owned by Mark and Laurie Dratch.

Casey- Ch Set'r Ridge's Casey At Bat (Emanuel X Sage). Casey Finished his Chanpionship. Owned by: Louis Salemy.

JoJo- Set'r Ridge's Arden's Royal Treasure (Emanuel X Castleview Royalty Free): JoJo earned both majors. She is owned with Laurie Engel.

Tucker- Ch Set'r Ridge's Ivy League (Joshua X Nadia): Tucker finished his Chmpionship with five majors!

Tessa- Set'r Ridge's Trifecta (Troika X Alex): Tessa won two majors, two points, and RWB at the National. She is owned by Melissa Newman and Micah Johnson.

Simeon- Set'r Ridge's Son Of A Gold Legend (Hadji X Teakoa): He has three majors. Owned by: Melissa Newman.

Conway- Ch Bella Moon's Hello Darlin (Canaan X PD): He finished his championship. He is bred and Owned by: Rhonda Brookshier and Skip and Nancy Alexander.

Waylon- Creekscrossing Country Gold (Canaan X PD): He was Winners Dog, Best Of Winners, and BOS in Redmond Oregon. He was also Winners dog at the Golden Gate Specialty. Waylon is owned and and bred by: Skip and Nancy Alexander and Rhonda Brookshier.

Jalen- Set'r Ridge's Gold Reign (Hadji X Teakoa): WD and BOW at the Redmond Oregon shows. Owned and Bred by Melissa Newman.

Faith- Set'r Ridge's Faith Of The Heart.( Canaan X PD): Faith is singled out with nine points toward her championship. Faith is owned by Ellen Shanahan.

Annie- Ch Sevenoaks Autumn Gold (Canaan X Ria): She finished with three majors!. She is owned by Henry and Nancy Tuthill and Hillary Oaks.

Ch Set'r Ridge Kaerdon Haleys Comet (Canaan X Oreo). She finished her championship winning winners bitch several shows in a row. She is owned by: Leta and Wendell Graham.

Cody- Ch Set'r Ridge's Northern Lights (Joshua X Prism). Cody finished his championship with three majors in style going BOW at two specialties and a Best in Sweeps. He is Owned by Rose Miller.

Koda- Set'r Ridge's Gold Legend (Hadji X Teakoa): He won a major after a specialty. He is owned by Melissa Newman Handled by Rachel Barnes.

Demetry- Setír Ridgeís Impact (Apostle X Annie) BOS Sweeps and RWD at the Monterey Bay Specialty weekend. And a major in August. Shawn Corley and Melissa Newman

Gracie- Setír Ridgeís Exclusive Dream (Emanuel x Nina) puppy WB all three days to finish. Morgan and Heidi Fuller

Duncan- Ch Legend's Gifts Of Love (Emanuel X Lucille): Congrats on finishing his championship. He is bred by: Cathy Brewer and owned by: Maura and Glenn Powell.

William- Ch Esthete's Splendor In The Grass (Hadji X Katie): William broke the record for number of specialties won and topped it off by winning Best Of Breed at the 2005 National Specialty. William is owned by Jill Warren and bred by Jill Warren and Eileen Hackett.

Sampson- Set'r Ridge's Coat Of Strength (Zion X Desi): Sampson won in Lexington Ky and just lacks a few singles to fnish. He is owned by Larry Sikes.

Darla- Goldrush Dancing Hall Darling (Emanuel x Julie) daughter owned by Diane Michelson won three points and a Sweepstakes.

Maverick- Set'r Ridge's Special Attraction (Troika X Alex): He won a major and 2 points and RWD at a specialty. He is owned by Diane Michelson and Melissa Newman.

Paige-(Canaan X Ellie): She got 1 leg toward her JH, she received two legs toward her cd with a 193 and a 195, and picked up two majors. She is owned and bred by Rhonda Dillman.

Dove- Set'r Ridge's Symbol of Peace (Canaan X Eve): She won a major. Owners: Bob and Roxanne Torgerson, Maura Ptacek, and Melissa Newman.

Darius- Set'r Ridge's Anticipation (Hector X Desi): He won Winners Dog and Best of Opposite at the Puget Sound English Setter Club Specialty. He also won the Bred-By class and Best bred by at the National. Owned by Melissa Newman.

Teakoa- Ch Set'r Ridge's Photo Copy (Canaan X Desi): Won Best of Breed and Best Veteran at the PSESC Specialty. Owned by Melissa Newman.

Tiger- Ch Milroy's Year Of The Tiger ( Hadji X Ch Milroy's Just a Doll): Tiger won Winners dog at the National for a five point major and finished shortly thereafter to become Hadjiís 131íst Champion. Owned by Norma Allen, handled by Susan Allen.

Latifa-Set'r Ridge's Special Delivery (Joshua X Dakara): She won WB, BOW, and BOS at the Golden Gate Specialty. Owned by: Kathy Rodriguez.

Eilidh-Set'r Ridge's One More Sunset (Joshua X Prism): She won her first point. Owned By: Catherine Debnam.

Clay- Edition's American Idol (River X Maybelline): He finished his Championship. Bred by Connie and Karen Helms and Owned by Lori Bee.

Aura- Aust Ch Set'r Ridge's Born To Win (Zion X Desi): She finihed her Australian Championship she with the Breed over an Australian bred dog under a Canadian judge. Owned by Natalia Robinson

Tekel- Set'r Ridge's Sensation (Zion X Maggie): She won 8 points with both majors. She is owned by Melissa Newman.

Bill Gates- Set'r Ridge Tartan Powerpoint (Fitz X Sahara): He earned three legs toward his JH at seven months old. Owned by: Ray Lynn Snowden.

Flair- National Amateur Champion, Field Champion, Amateur Field Champion Set'r Ridge's Natural High (English Pointer) wond the Pointer National Amateur Championship stake for the second time. This was held in Nebraska Sept 2005. She previously won the National in Sept 2003 and was second in 2004. Flair is owned by Paul and Melissa Newman, trained by Paul Newman. Bred, co-owned, and handled by Richard Matzke.

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