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Fall 2004 Newsletter


Like every month, this has been a busy one. Micah had State Fair and then State Fair Finals. She won Reserve Champion at State in both Obedience and Showmanship with her dog Mishah.
The next day Micah, Hunter and I were off to the PSESC Specialty. Where Tango, Set’r Ridge’s Photo Gold won Best In Sweeps and Winners Bitch for five points, Joshua, Set’r Ridge’s Winning Colors won Winners Dog, Best Bred By and Best Of Winners for five points and Sahara Ch Set’r Ridge’s Everlasting won Best of Opposite.
Paul and Richard went to the Pointer National Field Trial in Nebraska. They drove out with three horses and four pointers. The first Trial Tux won. Good old Tux, nine years old and she showed up her kids and every body else again. Tux is our pointers’ Mother. Our pointer is NAFC FC AFC Set’r Ridge’s Natural High better known as Flair. Flair won the National Amateur Field Championship Stake last year and this year in Nebraska won second. She has had an awesome two years at the trials. She is almost four and we will breed her to another good Field Pointer this fall.
I flew into Nebraska to join them at the National. Then we hunted our way home through Montana. Actually we attempted to. The birds were scarce and we did a lot of walking. We always have a five dollar bet on who can shoot the first bird. For the first time, I shot the first bird. We had a lot of fun razzing about a setter getting the bird instead of a Pointer.
Kathy just shopped on ebay for a new trumpet for Montana. Now we need to shop for ear plugs. Monte is very excited about his new trumpet.
Paul and I are off to a Field Trial this weekend and then next week starts the English Setter National. The fall is good weather wise for the National, but it is difficult having it right in the middle of hunting season and Field Trial season. There are Field Trials almost every weekend.
I am taking six dogs to the National next week.

Dog Shows:

Joshua- Set’r Ridge’s Winning Colors (Zion x Desi) Winners Dog, Best of Winners, Best Bred By at the Puget Sound English Setter Club Specialty for 5 points. Melissa Newman

Tango- Set’r Ridge’s Photo Gold (Zion x Teakoa) Winners Bitch for five points at the PSESC Specialty as well as Best in Sweepstakes.

Micah- Set’r Ridge’s Tri To Remember (Joshua x Nadia) won Winners Bitch for a five point major at the Supported entry, the day after the PSESC Specialty. Handler Nancy Clark. Nancy and Skip Alexander.

Mo Jo- Am Can Ch Sevenoaks Sorceross (Canaan x Phoenix) won her eighth Best in Show in Canada and finished her American Championship this month. Hilary Oakes

Samuel- Set’r Ridge’s Independence (Zion x Maggy) 5 september,in Luxembourg , Samuel 1EXC CAC CACIB BEST DOG..... On Sunday Samuel was in
Germany at the Int. Dog Show of Bodensee,1 EXC CAC ris CACIB. Barbara Gruzzi

Rosey- Rosa's First Prayer (Emanuel x Dani) won best junior at 3 shows and got 3 CAC's. These 3 CAC's provide her with the title of Estonian Junior Champion. Rosey is now an Estonian Champion. Liisa Kiisi

Loretta (Creekscrossing Country Girl)(Canaan x PD) won Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite over a Special for two points. Nancy Alexander and Mary Ann Potts.

Annie- Set’r Ridge’s Stormwynd Starlyte (Caanan x Remi). Winners bitch for a three point major. Annie now has eight points. Allison Milne

Lexie, Legends Rhapsody In Blue, ( Set'r Ridge's Gold In Platinum x Legends Lucille McGillicuddy) was Winners Bitch in her first show, 9 - 12 month class - Leavenworth Kennel Club, Kansas City, MO., August 19, 2004, under Judge Lowell K Davis. Bred by Cathy and Richard Brewer, owner handled by Barbara Petersen

Raine- Set’r Ridge’s Mirror Image( CH Wyndswept's Reflection (Shoebe) and CH Set'r Ridge Ticket to the Top (Josie) has gotten 2 agility Open Standard legs with a first and a third place and 1 Open JWW leg with a second place during the first two weekends of
September.Donna Richardson

Dakota- Set'r Ridge's Amazing Grace (Emanuel x Dani) won - WD, BW - 2 pts., and then Best Puppy on Sunday. Paula Harris.

Domino- Setr Ridg'es Double Espresso won WB, BOS - 2 pts. On Sunday she won WB BOW and BOS of a special for a 3 point major. Paula Harris

OLIVER- Set’r Ridge’s Graced In Gold ( Emanuel x Dani) won winners dog for a three point major. He now has six points. Jan Russell.

Sage- Set’r Ridge Cannongate Last Dance (Joshua x Nadia) won another point in Wisconsin. Mary and Erv Ciszek.

Talia- Ch Set’r Ridge’s Intensity (Canaan x Eve) qualified for her first leg of her Companion dog degree. Rachel Barnes.

Zoe- Set’r Ridge Tri’s The Blues (Joshua x Nadia) won her first two points. Kathi Dunbar

Caleb – Set’r Ridge’s Show Off (Fitz x Natanya) won CACIB and BIG-1 at the one of the most important dog show in Russia ("Russia-2004") Anastasiya Bashikirova

Charles- NZ Ch Sagapore Indebt IID (Canaan x Jana) BOB and RBIS at the Setter Club champ show

Tarsha (Sagapore Foreign Xchange IID) ( Canaan x Jana) won Intermediate Bitch Class at the Melbourne Royal. Anthea McFarland

Maverick- Set’r Ridge’s Special Attraction (Troika x Alex) won WD BOW BOS. Maverick is liver in color. Diane Michaelson

Carmel – Set’r Ridge’s Special Edition (Troika x Alex) won WB. Carmel is a lemon colored English. Diane Michaelson.

Marconi - Set'r Ridge Marc Antony (Canaan/True) won Winners Dog and Best of
Winners at the Sir Francis Drake Kennel Club. Steven Huizenga

Whidbey- AUS CH. / BIS CAN. CH / AM. CH / S.AFR. CH Set’r Ridge’s Born Free (Canaan x Remi) won Best of Breed at the Perth Royal show over an entry of 9 English and American type English setters. Natalia Robinson

Watson- Set’r Ridge’s Flying Colours (Joshua x Nadia) won Best Puppy at the New England English Setter Specialty. Donna Grant

My time is so limited, that it would be really helpful if you would submit your wins with your dog’s registered name, sire and dam and owner.

We have some really nice puppies available now. We have young puppies as well as two really nice show dogs that are five months old. They are pointing really nice and are very birdy. You can look at the photos of these puppies on our web site www.englishsetter.com and then under dogs available.

The best way to reach me is by email. I check it several times a day inbetween training dogs and activities with the kids etc. If you have emailed and I haven't responded, then send me another email. I try to answer all of the emails that I get.

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