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Summer 2004 Newsletter


I always think that I will have more time during the summer. Somehow that never seems to happen. Finding time to enter data on the computer seems to come after taking the kids to the pool, to the beach, riding horses, 4-H meetings, bathing dogs, cleaning kennels, mowing the lawn, you know stuff.
We went to a few shows this summer. I really wanted to finish Alex’s Championship. So I entered her in a show and took her daughter (Liver colored) Tessa along to make sure it would be one point. Well I needed a handler to show Tessa, so I could show Alex and win the point. Hunter volunteered for the job. Hunter is my five year old son. Now Tessa was only twelve months old and I had concerns that he wouldn’t make it around the ring with out her dragging him through the rope. Hunter however, was quite confident and went in with a death grip on the lead and stacked Tessa up. The judge (Maxine Beam), examined Tessa and then asked Hunter to do a triangle. I just about fainted. Hunter hadn’t ever done a triangle before. He had just practiced running around the yard with his dog Joshua. Hunter once again wasn’t fazed. Mrs. Beam explained what a triangle was and off they went. About half way down the second run of the triangle Tessa started to gallop. Hunter stopped moved the lead up a little and took off again. I was pretty impressed that he was paying any attention to the dogs gait.
So Hunter won his 12 to 18 class as Tessa was the only puppy in the class. Then I went in with Alex in the Bred By class and then a handler showed and open Bitch. Next the winners of the three classes went back in the ring for Winners Bitch (which means the winner of the three bitches wins one point.) Mrs Beam had all of us circle the ring and then walked down the line and looked at each dog. Then she told Hunter that she would like to see his dog go around again. Now I thought the handler in front of me was going to faint. There seemed to be a crowd gathering ringside, as there was such a young person in the ring. As Hunter was asked, he collected his dog and ran around the ring with Tessa gaiting nicely at his side. Sure enough Ms Beam gave Tessa winners with Hunter on the end of the lead. The crowd exploded. There was cheering and clapping for Hunter all around. All day people kept coming up and telling Hunter what a good job he had done. One lady even said she wanted to put him in her book that she was writing. He was pretty smug. I have to wonder if he is close to being the youngest person to win points at an AKC show. Hunter’s Dad was pretty proud. He smiled big as everyone talked to Hunter.

Tessa is the first liver colored English Setter that I have ever produced and one of few liver show English Setters alive in the United States.

Tessa is owned by Micah, our 13 year old daughter. Micah was pretty proud of Tessa and Hunter, but I think she would like to put her next points on her dog.

Micah most recently showed at our County Fair in 4-H and won Reserve Champion in showmanship. Her dog Mishah received a 182 in Novice Obedience. She will go on to State finals this month.

Montana our 10 year old son, has spent his summer playing with the puppies and all of his friends. He and Micah are looking forward to school starting. I don’t remember ever remember looking forward to school.

Hunter has become quite the horseman, riding our Tennessee walkers all over by himself. He also learned how to ride his bike with out training wheels. It is kind of like when a baby learns to walk, they run. He learned to ride and now he speeds.

On the Show Dog Front:

Mo Jo , Can Ch Sevenoaks Sorceross. (Am Can Ch Set’r Ridge’s Select Gold x Can Ch Set’r Ridge’s Rich Kid) Wins Alberta Specialty. Hilary Oakes.

Sahara, Ch Set’r Ridge’s Everlasting ( Ch Brasswinds Hot Topic x Ch Set’ r Ridge’s Sky Of Gold) won back to back Group I’s, another Group I this weekend. Melissa D Newman

Tessa, Set’r Ridge’s Trifecta (Ch Ascott’s Once In a Lifetime x Set’r Ridge’s Repeat After Me) won Winners bitch for her first point with Hunter showing her. Micah Johnson, Melissa D Newman

Raleigh, Ch Set’r Ridge More Precious Than Gold (Dual Ch Set’r Ridge’s Real Gold MH x Set’r Ridge Marenda’s Prophecy) finished his Championship. Diane Trout

Gabriel, Set’r Ridge’s Face Of An Angel (Ch Set’r Ridge’s Gold In Platinum x Ch Set’r Ridge’s Animation) won WD and BOW for 2 pts. Lily Luster, Melissa D Newman

Matrix, Set’r Ridge’s Golden Matrix (Ch Set’r Ridge’s Select Gold x Ch Set’r Ridge’s Ticket To The Top) He picked up two more points as well as Best of Breed. Sharon Ney

Sera, Ch Set’r Ridge’s Heir To The Throne (Ch Reidwood Estethes Lightfoot Lad x Ch Set’r Ridge’s Supereminent) finished her Championship with three majors. Melissa D Newman

Alex, Ch Set’r Ridge’s Repeat After Me (Ch Set’r Ridge’s Select Gold x Ch Set’r Ridge’s Quaking Aspen) won her third major. She needs two points to finish her Championship. Melissa D Newman

Waylon, CreeksCrossing Country Gold (Ch Set’r Ridge’s Select Gold x Ch Set’r Ridge’s Preachers Daughter) was winners dog and best of winners at the Mt. Bachelor K.C. show June 26th. Waylon’s owner breeder Skip and Nancy Alexander and Rhonda Brookshier

Wyonna, CreeksCrossing Wy Not Me (Ch Set’r Ridge’s Select Gold x Ch Set’r Ridge’s Preachers Daughter) breeder owner Skip and Nancy Alexander and Rhonda Brookshier was winners bitch. Waylon and Wynonna are handled by Skip, both are minored out, and they are just out of the puppy class.

Conway, Bella Moon’s Hello ( Ch Set’r Ridge’s Select Gold x Ch Set’r Ridge’s Preachers Daughter) was winners dog, best of winners, and best of breed under judge Ann Yuhasz. Conway’s owner breeder Rhonda Brookshier and Nancy and Skip Alexander and handled by Rhonda.

Caleb, Set’r Ridge’s Show Off (Ch Set’r Ridge’s Pemberley Gold x Set’r Ridge’s Alluring) won 2 CAC, res.CACIB, Taffy , Set’r Ridge’s Golden Taffy- 3 CAC, Res.CACIB, BIS-1, BIS-2 this summer. At the Setter Show (Estonia) this July. Caleb got excellent mark and lovely description under Mrs Penny Williams (GB). Anastasiya Bashikirova , Irina Bakina. Russia

Jenny, Set’r Ridge’s Photogenic (Dual Ch Set’r Ridge’s Real Gold MH x Ch Set’r Ridge’s Photo Copy) won Best Puppy at the Iroquois English Setter Club Specialty. She also won her class in sweeps at BrandyWine English Setter Specialty and She Came in 2nd in Sweeps at New England Spring Specialty
both shows over about 6 other puppy bitches in her class. Howard Linda Jones Harvey Wooding

Whidbey, BIS Can.Ch./Am/Ch./S.Afr. Ch./Aust Ch Set'r Ridge's Born Free ( CH Set’r Ridge’s Select Gold x Set’r Ridge’s All Kid’n Asside of CW) took Runner Up Best Exhibit in Group (G2) over 159 entries under judge Mr. G. Tim Doxtater from B.C. Canada. Whidbey was also competed for Runner Up Best Exhibit in Show after the Sporting Group winner was selected "Best in Show".
July 10th 2004 Whidbey was selected as Best Open Dog in Group under Mr Don Emslie (B.C. Canada) Whidbey gained his last points to his Australian title at Ladies Kennel Club Ch. Show , Western Australia , 9.4.04. Natalia Robinson

Sage, Set'r Ridge Cannongate Last Dance (Set'r Ridge Winning Colors (Joshua) x Ch. Brasswinds All Tht Gltrs Isn't Gold (Nadia) got her first points today at the Waukesha KC under Judge Lorraine Bisso. She went Best of Winners/Winners Bitch for a 4 point major, from the 6-9 month Puppy Class. Erv & Mary Ciszek

Rodin, S Amer Ch Set’r Ridge’s Rodin (Ch Wyndswepts Reflection x Ch Set’r Ridge’s Ticket To The Top) won 3 Best of Breed last weekend . The judges were americans (( Helen Lee James , James White and Harry Smith )) . He was two second group and two fourth . In an important show in Brasil . There were 450 dogs from all over the country. Sergio Costa Brazil

Samuel, Set’r Ridge’s Independence (Dual Ch Set’r Ridge’s Real Gold MH x Ch Cheviott Hills Satin N Lace) 1 EXC CAC CACIB Austria Working Class Barbara Gruzzi

Rose, Set’r Ridge’s Desert Rose (Dual Ch Set’r Ridge’s Real Gold MH x Ch Set’r Ridge’s Quaking Aspen) 1 EXC CAC CACIB Austria Working class Barbara Gruzzi

Terra , Set’r Ridge’s Spirit Filled (Ch Set’r Ridge’s Masterpiece x Ch Set’r Ridge Here’s To You Kid 1 EXC Best Junior and Best of Breed Austria Barbara Gruzzi

Watson, Set’r Ridge’s Flying colours (Set’r Ridge’s Winning Colors x Ch Brasswinds All Tht Gltrs Isn’t Gold) won BOS/ BOW/WD – from the puppy class. Donna Grant

Blue, Set’r Ridge’s Blue Boy (Set’r Ridge’s Winning Colors x Ch Set’r Ridge’s White Light) won (on the second day at the Eukanuba Cup), won Best in Show in the Puppy "A" (3 - 6 months old) division where he competed against 44 other dogs from all breeds! He moved wonderfully!!! Yvonne Branson

Latifa, Set’r Ridge’s Special Delivery ( Set’r Ridge’s Winning Colors x Ch Set’r Ridge’s Special Affects) won WB 1pt and then WB BOW BOB GROUP IV the next day. Latifa is 9 months old. Kathy Rodriguez , Melissa D Newman.

Justin, Set’r Ridge’s Winning Fougere (Set’r Ridge’s Winning Colors x Set’r Ridge’s Marenda’s Prophecy) won Winners dog and Best Puppy at the All Setter Specialty. Diane Martineau

Raine, Set’r Ridge’s Mirror Image (Ch Wyndswept’s Reflection x Ch Set’r Ridge’s Ticket To The Top won the Novice class with a score of 192 ½. Donna Richardson

Marconi - Set'r Ridge Marc Antony (Canaan/True) won Winners Dog and Best of
Opposite at the Santa Cruz Kennel Club on Saturday August 14, 2004. Steve Huisenga

Hunter, Set’r Ridge’s Shining Star (Ch Brasswinds Hot Topic x Ch Set’r Ridge’s Sky Of Gold) just took a 4 point major at a specialty in Michigan this weekend under John Savory. Only one more major and he will be finished. Also Katrina and Hunter took best junior both days. Katrina Stokes

Cooper, Set’r Ridge’s Keep The Faith (Dual Ch Set’r Ridge’s Real Gold MH x Ch Cheviott Hills Satin’N Lace) won Farmington Valley KC - 7/3/04 - WD, BOS for 4 pts under Mrs. Robert D. Smith. Wachusett KC - 8/14/04 - WD, BOW for 2 pts. under Mrs. Gloria
Mitcham-Geringer. Tuxedo Park KC - WD, BOW, BOB for 1 pt. under Mr. Bernard McGivern. Westchester KC - WD for 1 pt under Mr. Sid Remmele. Anne Pickrell

Rosey did very well at the show in Parnue. She was a Junior Best of Breed and got her first sertificate. She needs 2 more sertificates in order to become an Estonian Junior Champion. Liisa Kiisi

Rachel Barnes and Talia Ch Set’r Ridge’s Intensity (Ch Set’r Ridge’s Select Gold x Ch Fieldplays Bayside’s Winner’s Eve) won Best of Opposite at the monteray Bay Specialty. Then she won best Junior showing Feather (Talia came into season two days before the show. Unfortunately she couldn't show Talia in the obedience class Novice B since she came into season, which was a disappointment for Rachel. At the Sonoma County Fair Rachel won the 4-H small animal Round Robin competition. She won a large silver belt buckle with the win engraved on it. Talia was very patient with the ten different kids showing her. Only the first and second place winners in the five small animal showmanship competitions get to compete in this event. They each get five minutes at each station to show and answer the judge's questions about the animal they are showing. The kids end up showing two dogs, a rabbit, a cavy, a chicken, and a pygmy goat. They are graded by a different judge at each station. The scores are tallied and the winner was announced at the awards ceremony.

Chris Dunbar and Ch Set'r Ridge Rhythm n' Blues (Andrew) (Ch Set’r Ridge’s Select Gold x Ch Brasswinds All Tht Gltrs Isn’t Gold) won Best Junior at the Denver English Setter Specialty.

Jennie Dunbar and Ch Set'r Ridge Tuft o' Gold (Ben) (Ch Set’r Ridge’s Select Gold X Ch Trailstars Nickle Annie) won their Open Junior Class at the Denver English Setter Specialty.

IF I have missed your win and you have a dog that we bred or is sired by one of our dogs. Please email me the wins in this format: dogs call name, registered name, and then sire and dam and finally the win and the owner.

Meshach, Am Can Ch Set’r Ridge’s Accolade In Gold (Dual Ch Set’r Ridge’s Solid Gold MH x Ch Fieldplay’s Fleur De Rotercat) passed away at the age of fifteen years. He was a beautiful dog and an awesome producer. His most famous get was Multi BIS BISS Am Can Ch Set’r Ridge Lookin At You Kid JH. Meshach is hugely missed by Debra and Mike Kloehn, where he was treated like a king.

I will be updating the photos on the web site soon. We have a new section called Dogs Available. This makes it simpler for the viewer to get a good look at the dog or puppy and view his or her pedigree.

Paul & Melissa D Newman
7009 S Heggenes Rd
Clinton WA 98236
(360) 341-2878
May God bless you as much as he has me!

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