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Sahara wins the Amateur Gun Dog Stake


Sahara wins the Amateur Gun Dog stake on Sunday. I was hoping that Sahara would be ready for fall Field Trial season. I am thrilled that she put it all together this spring at two years of age. She has been standing broke all spring (which means not moving from her point when the bird is flushed and shot.) However she had shortened up her run. We knew she could run big, as she takes off at a run and disappears when we go hunting with her. She just had to put the two together at a Field Trial. It was really exciting to watch her. She was in the first brace Sunday morning and she was braced against Holly, The National Field Champion FC AFC Secret Holiday.
They took off the starting line like they were shot out of a Canon. About five minutes into the brace, Sahara locked up on a bird, with the sun coming through the fog behind her. It was a cool sight. She held steady as I walked up. I could see the bird sitting in the middle of the field, in the open. I told her to whoa and flushed the bird. She held and I healed her off. I got back on my horse and sent her on. Within a few minutes she locked up again, body twisted eyes intense on the bushes where she smelled the bird, neck wrenched around to the left and tail straight as an arrow. Once again she held steady, not moving a muscle as I went in and flushed the bird. Each time, she I healed her off and got on my horse, each time, she took off like a shot when told to go forward. Three points later, she was on the backside of the course. There is a big ditch and shrubs coming up. As I went in to flush the birds, I was about head level with Sahara. I was way down in the ditch. As I flushed two chukkar came out, one to the left and one to the right. Once again, she didnít flinch.
At this point, I was really hoping that there were no more birds on the course. You donít need lots of birds to win a trial, you need awesome bird work with a great run. Her run was awesome, as every time she was cast off, she took off to the front at a dead run. Time was drawing near, and I was anxious to here time being called. However before time was called, Sahara slammed up on another incredible point. Her left front foot was held up tight to her chest. Her body was rigged and bent and her tail was stiff and straight like a stick. Her wet coat hanging under her made a beautiful outline. This time the bird was up and walking around. Sahara didnít take one step forward. She held her point and waited for me to get there. I flushed the bird and healed her off and time was called. I canít tell you how proud I was of her at that moment. She laid down the run, intensity and style of a veteran dog.
They waited all day to give placements for this stake. Sahara was first, Holly second, Dixie third and Zion fourth. There were three Field Champions including a National Field Champion competing against her.
Sahara has a week off and then flies out for the Texas Specialties.

Show Wins: Best In Shows:

Shalom- wins another Best In Show. Ch Setír Ridgeís Spectacular (Canaan Am
Can Ch Setír Ridgeís Select Gold x Annie Ch Trailstars Nickíl Annie) He also won back to back Group Iís. Shalom is in the top five English Setters in the US. Breeder Melissa D Newman . Owner/Handler Billy Ellis.

Mo Jo- wins another Best In Show. Ch Sevenoakís Sorceress (Canaan Am Can
Ch Setír Ridgeís Select Gold x Phoenix Am Can Ch Setír Ridge Sevenoaks Rich Kid). This is Mo Joís fourth Best In Show and she is now the number one English Setter in Canada and the nuber three Sporting Dog in Canada. Owner/Handler/Breeder Hilary Tunstill Oakes.

Aemon- wins another Best In Show. Am Aus Ch Chebacoís Bridgewood Guard
(Apostle, Ch Setír Ridgeís Masterpiece x Ch Esthete Chebaco Can You Forgive Her). Aemon was recently imported to Australia by Darren Bowey and Jamie Hubbard. Aemon has been shown five times in Australia. He has won all five breed wins and four All Breed Best In Shows. Iím not sure if this is a record for a young dog, but it is a pretty incredible feat. Breeders Eileen Hackett and Kate Hanlon, owner Darren Bowey and Jamie Hubbard.

More Show wins:

Caleb- Setí Ridgeís Show Off (Fitz x Natanya) won First in the Sporting Group this
weekend at the International Dog Show (Russia). Now he has 3 CAC, 2 CACIB, 2 BIG and BIS (at the 3 shows). Taffy- Setí Ridgeís Golden Taffy was Best of Opposite Sex. Anastasiya Bashkirova.

Samuel- Ch Setír Ridgeís Independence (Zion x Maggy) obtained in Luxembourg
1 EXC CACL....Barbara Gruzzi.

Rose- Ch Setír Ridgeís Desert Rose (Zion x Desi) has successfully finished the required
working trials and isentitled to be registered in the working class at all FCI exhibitions. Rose has obtained the qualify with"very good"

Jared- Ch Setír Ridgeís Audacious (Canaan x Maggy) International Dog Show of Monte
Carlo ( PrincipautŤ de Monaco) 1 EXC CAC CACIB Best of Breed and second in the Group. Barbara Gruzzi.

Dasara- Ch Setír Ridgeís Vision (Rocky x Chloe) finished her Championship.

Hunter- Ch Setír Ridgeís Fireside Hunter (Rocky x Chloe) finished his Championship.

Chereokee Santanís Dakota Ghost Dancer (Hadji x Krysta)won another two
pts Laura Reynolds

Litters and Puppies:

We have puppies now out of Joshua Setír Ridgeís Winning Colors and Prism Ch Setír Ridgeís White Light. They are two and a half weeks old. Desi Ch Setír Ridgeís Quaking Aspen is due this weekend. She was bred to Hector our Australian Import Aus Ch Bridgewood Time Again. Teakoa Ch Setír Ridgeís Photo Copy was bred to Hadji Dual Ch Setír Ridgeís Solid Gold CDX MH by surgical insemination with frozen semen. Teakoa is due May 1st. Snowy Ch Setír Ridgeís Impressive was bred to Joshua Setír Ridgeís Winning Colors, and she is due April 26th. Joshua is producing the birdiness and natural ability that his parents and grandparents had. Joshua sired by Dual Ch Setír Ridgeís Winning Colors.
Remember that all puppies sold on pet contracts have to be spayed or neutered and they will be sent on limited registrations. All show puppies will be co-owned until they finish their Championship unless you have a good background in showing dogs. We want all of our puppies to have awesome homes. The best way to reach me is by email. If I donít respond, please re-send the email.
We have eight stud dogs, to view their photos and pedigrees, go to our web site, www.englishsetter.com show dogs, stud dogs and then click on the dog that you would like to look at.
Setter Ridge Kennel Paul and Melissa D Newman
setterridge@englishsetter.com www.englishsetter.com

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