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March Newsletter


March Newsletter,

This has been a busy month for me. Doveís puppies were born the 7th and I slept with them for three weeks. They are so cute, so are Oreoís puppies. I have had an abcessed tooth for six weeks now. The oral surgeon finally took it out.

In the past month, these dogs have done well at the shows.

Autumn, Ch Setír Ridgeís Autumn Sky (Preacher x Ritsy) has won several breeds this year. Owned by Dale and Summer Bennett.

Aspen, Ch Setír Ridgeís Aspen Gold (Canaan x Desi) finished her Championship. Aspen is owned by Ingrid Clark.

Gunner, Ch Setír Ridge Bayside No Limit (Canaan x Eve) finished his Championship. Gunner is owned by Karen Eskew.

Shaina, Setír Ridgeís Imprint won (Canaan x Jira) winners for a point and then at Timberland won Best of Winners for another. Shaina is owned by Melissa and handled and cared for by Nancy and Skip Alexander.

Richie, Setír Ridgeís Richie Rich (Ben x Nadia) won a 3 point major. Owner Lisa Monical, handler Rhonda Brookshire.

Apostle, Setír Ridgeís Masterpiece (Canaan x Remi) won a 3pt Major. Apostle needs one point to finish his Championship. Apostle is owned by Melissa and was handled by Nancy Clark for the major.

Alex, Setír Ridge Repeat After Me (Canaan x Desi) won a 3pt Major. Alex is owned by Melissa and was shown by Nancy Clark for the major. Alex has nine points with both majors. She will be bred when she comes in heat.

Tori, Sevenoaks Birchrun Desert Rain (Canaan x Phoenix) won Winners two days for three more points. Tori is owned by Sue Johnson.

River, Ch Baysideís River Runs Deep (Canaan x Eve) won a GROUP I with Heather showing him. River is owned by Lynn Lollis and Pet Hexemer, and Dana and ELLI Pusateri, and was bred by Melissa and Lynn.

Heather Lollis also won a Best Jr Handler Award the same day with Fitz , Ch Setír Ridge Pemberly Gold (Hadji x Aroura).

Shallom, Ch Setír Ridgeís Spectacular (Canaan x Annie) has won several Group Placements. Shallom is owned and Handled by Billy Ellis.

Louise, Birdhaven Worth Her Wght In Gold (Zion x Polly) did awesome at her first Hunt Test. Louise is owned by Maura Ptace
Aura, Setír Ridgeís Born To Win (Zion x Desi) won the Sporting Group at her first puppy match. Aura is owned by Natalia Robinson.

Whidbey, Am Can S. Afr. Ch Setír Ridgeís Born Free (Canaan x Remi) won Best of Breed in heavy Specials competition in the US. Then he went to Canada and won a BEST IN SHOW and another Group II and a Group I. Whidbey is owned by Natalia Robinson and handled by Susan Allen. Whidbey is Canaanís fourth Best In Show kid in the US and Canada. In addition he has a fifth Best In Show kid in Brazil.

BIS BzYCh BzCh BzGrCh PanAmCh GrPanAmCh IntCh Bayside Noelís Prince Of Gold was born
on December 02, 2000 (Canaan x China)
His performance in 2002 was:
1 time 1st of BIS
2 times 2nd of BIS
3 times 3rd of BIS
2 times 4th of BIS
2 times 5th of BIS
Several times 1st Point Group
Several times 2nd Point Group
Several times 3rd Point Group
Several times 4th Point Group
Several times 5th Point Group
Many times the Best of the Race Titles of: BIS. BzYCh. BzCh. BzGrCh. PanAmCh. GrPanAmCh. IntlCh and
The English Setter "Best Of The Year/2002" in Brasil:
Prince was bred by Jaqueline Noel and Lynn Lollis

#1 English Setter this year in Brazil: JCh Ch Gr Ch Ch Pan Setír Ridge Rodin (Shoebe x Josie) Owned by Sergio Costa

(Aust Ch,) Set\'Ridge Noels Golden Gift (Imp USA) (Bridgette)
Sire Dual Ch Set\'r Ridge Solid Gold CDX (USA)
Dam AM.CH. Set\'r Ridge Noel\'s Fine Krystal(USA)
Bred by Jacqueline Noel and on/sold by Melissa Newman to her Australian clients Ken and Wendy Lavin of \'Setthestyle Kennels\' Perth Western Australia
Bridgette attained her title with a Best of Breed / Best Open Bitch, in the coveted 2003 Western Classic, a feature of the WA Dog Show Calender, under Mrs S Carter of South Africa.In all Bridgette has:
1 Best Intermediate in Group(Judges comment was \'She is to Die for\')
11 Best of Breed.

#1 English Setter in Italy Ch Setír Ridgeís Audacious (Canaan x Maggy) owned by Barbara Gruzzi & David and Christina.

Laurie Engel flew out and we spent three days taking photos. I believe she took over 400 photos. The new photos on our web site are : Dove, Joshua, Sahara, Spirit, Emanuel, Sera and Sheba. Also there are new photos of Apostle, Shasta, and Alex and Whidbey.

Remember if you want your dogs that are from our kennel or our stud dogs wins listed, please send them to me. If we bred your dog and it has done some nice winning in the Field , Show Ring, Tracking, Therapy, Obedinece or Agility and you want itís photo added to our web site, please tell me, and then provide the information and the show photos. If you donít want to receive this newsletter, just sign off.
We will be breeding Alex, Shasta, Dani and Snowy this spring.

Thank you so much for continuing to campaign our dogs.
May God Bless you,

(360) 341-2878

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